HDD Dumps

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This page is to cover all known preserved developer HDD images and in some cases NAND dumps or dumps from Memory cards.. Please put notes if there's wiped data that needs further research.

Nintendo Dolphin DDH

  • ddh.imgc (Owner unknown)
  • NGR's dump forgot filename rip.

Nintendo Wii RVT-H

  • Skylanders Giants/Nascar image.
  • Skylanders Superchargers Racing.
  • Def Jam Rapstar (Unleaked as sold)

Nintendo DSi NAND

  • Too much NFS Nitro.

Nintendo 3DS NAND

Nintendo Wii U CAT-R (SD Cards)


  • Contains Skylanders near final.

PlayStation 2

  • hdd2 (MaxPayne HDD)

PlayStation 3

  • Mirrors Edge 400GB DECR 1000A IMG.7z (BDEMU Image which was ripped by Windows being shit.)
  • LAIN PS3 MAIN.imgc (Missing EID)
  • Bloodstone kit decrypted.imgc(Used but has Wolfenstein/JB Bloodstone leftovers)
  • 1400decrypted.imgc (UntilDawn owner hasn't released as traded)
  • a00adecrypted.imgc (UntilDawn owner hasn't released as traded)
  • EA BURNOUT KIT hdd images.rar (Released/Kit resold)
  • SONIC KIT.rar (Sonic Generations E3 kit)
  • PS3FatRussiaDecrypted.img
  • PS3 Encrypted HDD Image + Key [LoTR, Batman].rar (Splash Damage)
  • DamienKitDecrypted.7z
  • 10137D.imgc (Splash Damage)
  • 10129d.img (Splash Damage)

PlayStation 4

  • DUH-T1000AA.imgc (No EAP ??)

XBOX Original

  • ActiMarvelThawGun.7z (Contains builds of Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Gun, And Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. There's also leftover files for X-Men Legends I & II)
  • atvi-5 hd.7z (Contains the E3 2004 demo of Doom 3. Sadly most of the file index is gone, which makes recovery significantly more difficult)
  • Bond6_Demo2 5558.rar (Contains a build of 007: From Russia with Love from September 30, 2005)
  • cg.7z (Recovered/released, contains builds of the untitled Simpsons racing tech demo codenamed "Papy" and the unreleased NASCAR Racing 5)
  • DEBUGhdd - Copy.rar (Contains leftover files from a July 2006 build of Bass Pro Shops: Trophy Bass 2007. Unfortunately, it was being ran off of a disc so only cached files remain)
  • DebugHDDInfogrames2002.imgc (Recovered/released, Marc Ecko's Getting Up build from December 2005 and a build from the unreleased Turf Wars/Street Wars from November 2004)
  • godfather kit.rar (Contains the E3 2005 build of The Godfather as well as many leftover files from various builds from September 2005 to April 2006)
  • GODFATHER XDK img.rar (Partially ecovered/released, contains files from a January 26, 2006 build)
  • HDD IMAGE OF DEVBOX (Contains leftover files for builds of Silent Hill 4, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, and The Suffering)
  • Lucasarts Debug.7z (Recovered/released, contains several builds of Star Wars: Battlefront (2005), a March 2004 build of Destroy All Humans! (2005), January 2004 build of Full Spectrum Warrior, as well as leftover files from a late build of Star Wars: The Clone Wars)
  • Need for Speed Carbon MileStone build HDD dump (+ FIFA).zip (The builds were being ran off of discs so only cached data remains)
  • Sherelf_Xbox 5849.rar (An event build of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 from July 6, 2006)
  • splayer-xbox 5455.rar (Contains a post-release build of 007: From Russia with Love from December 2005 as well as an event build of the same game from July 2005)
  • TigerWoods07 HDD Image.7z (August 2, 2006 build of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07)
  • VUDebugKit.7z (Recovered/released, contains a build of Scarface: The World is Yours from April 20, 2006 and some leftover files from Iron Phoenix)
  • XBOXDEBUGIMAGE.7z (Builds of Powerdrome from February 2004 and April 2004)
  • xbox-dvt4(godfather).img (Executables from a May 2006 build used to develop The Godfather: Mob Wars, but game files from December 2005 build of the original game)
  • xbox-dvt5(godfather).img (April 2006 & May 2006 builds that were used to develop The Godfather: Mob Wars)
  • xbox-dvt5(simpsons).img (The Sumpsons Game tech demo from March 2004 and 007: From Russia with Love from September 2005. Also has leftover files from multiple builds of 007: Everything or Nothing)
  • xdk image dump.7z (Index is mostly nuked, but contains leftover files from an April 22, 2005 build of NCAA Football 06. Also contains a build of the NCAA March Madness 05 demo bundled with debug symbols, though it does not appear to work properly)

XBOX 360

  • Amadeus JB 2012 250gb HDDdump.imgc (Needs recovering, 250gb couldn't be recovered when this was sent)
  • Crysis HDD.imgc (Released)
  • TheNew_Turok.imgc (Released partially needs more recovery work.)
  • Cheese XNA img (Ryse & Crysis).img (Viable to relook at as tools functions have improved?)
  • Eparts Kit.imgc (Junk apps)
  • eurocom_xdk1.rar (data rip)
  • XDK.imgc (Why can't people name shit?)
  • XDKDriveCompressed.imgc (Not sure)
  • xnatest.imgc
  • comped xenon 009 demon.imgc (LoTR BFME:2 index missing messy messy I doubt this'll ever work)
  • EA Pandemic injustice-brink-sims3.rar (Injustice is overwritten, Sims3 is corrupted, Brink is missing all data minus XEX's).
  • Dump Beta1 Feb 2019.imgc (Unsure)
  • TheNew_THQ.imgc (RFG E3, Juiced 2, Darksiders)
  • 5gxenonlol.imgc (Full of actual dick pics so not released public)
  • 009 XDK.imgc (Crackdown image, has 4 mostly working builds and much incomplete data)
  • Wan5.imgc (Warface/rip NFS)
  • DemoKit.imgc (Burnout Feb 2007 image)
  • MondayNightCombatKit.imgc (Needs rechecking as tools functions improved)
  • drewew.img (Wew I forgot what this was. Crysis?)
  • XDKFableAct.imgc (Fable stuff)
  • TSG DEMO KITS.rar (Halo Wars E3 leftovers no index.)
  • XeDK.rar (Broman's kit to be released some stage)
  • Watch_Dogs.imgc (Released partly, loads deleted/rip/fragged data to be released in Teraleak)
  • eurocom.imgc (To be released in Teraleak)
  • HermesconradEurocom.imgc (Released)
  • backupproto.rar (Just a proto HDD dump with an unleaked dash)
  • HALO.rar (Halo 3 Cache Builds)
  • msv-xbx-tt066.img (Ubisoft Massive XDK with Far Cry 3 builds)


  • Durango Alpha image. (OS only)

Splash Damage Lot

In early 2020 a London based second hand shop landed a bunch of kits from Splash Damage. Many of the PS3's got lost/bought and their status is unknown. Below is a list of images. The data is released as of christmas day 2020.

The image name is the asset tag id.

  • PS3 Images
    • UnknownAssetID.img (2500A)
    • 10129.img (2500A)
    • 10137.img (1400A)
    • 10140.img (1400A)
  • X360 Images
    • 10009.img
    • 10045.img
    • 10046.img
    • 10051.img
    • 10054.img
    • 10055.img
    • 10058.img
    • 10060.img
    • 10062.img
    • 10069.img
    • 10070.img
    • 10071.img
    • 10073.img
    • 10074.img
    • 10075.img
    • 10076.img
    • 10640.img